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My Top 5 – Teas | Earl Grey

Hey there Teacups! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic January. I honestly can’t believe that we are at the end of January already it feel like it was only New Year’s Eve a few days ago. I can tell that this year is going to go by so fast. Today I’m going to be starting a new series of sorts, that’s based around something that a lot you have been asking me to do for a while now. I’m going to be sharing my Top 5’s with you all this year. I mention my tea top fives a lot in my review posts but I’ve never actually shared them with you all in detail. So at the end of each month this year I’m going to be sharing them with you all and hopefully by the end of the year you’ll all know a little bit more about me and the teas I love the most.

The reason that I’m starting with my Top 5 – Earl Grey Blend is because it’s the one that I have personally spoken about the most in my review and the one that most people have asked me to share. So I couldn’t think of a better one to start with. So let’s get into it shall we.






1- Earl Grey | Team Tea || This is by far the best Earl Grey that I have ever had in my life and I haven’t actually ever review it for my blog! I first tried this one when I was given a sample tin in a bag from a tea event I went to in 2018 and since then I’ve loved it. So much in fact that when I visited the same event in 2019 I bought a full size tin and broke my tea buying ban for it.The base is an Orange Pekoe from Sri Lanka, grown at 4000ft – 8000ft above sea level and it is one of the smoothest creamy Earl Greys I’ve ever had. It had a delicious vanilla note to it that I wasn’t expecting at all considering there is no vanilla in the ingredients. I have this on its own with no added honey and I definitely wouldn’t add milk to it. It is perfect on its own and as long as Team Tea continue to sell it I will continue to buy it.






2- Earl Grey Bella Luna – Adagio Tea || During 2019 I was sent a bunch of Adagio Teas to review (more of those reviews to come soon) and this was one of those teas. This was the one that I chose to review in 2019 and that was for one very particular reason. At that point in 2019 I was still crazy on Earl Grey and once this tea arrived at my house I simply couldn’t wait to open it and I had to review it straight away so I could get to drinking it and get to drinking it I did. I enjoyed this blend so much that I finished the whole bag in I think around 3 weeks or just under that. Not only does it have a great black tea base but the it also has notes of coconut and cream and it’s absolutely delicious. The bergamot notes aren’t too strong if you watch your brewing times and the coconut and cream notes are very smooth. This is a little drying on it’s own but it makes the most beautiful latte with some soya milk and some honey. That how I prefer to have this one and once my tea buying ban is over I will be buying so much more of this blend. Just a note if you are considering trying this blend, it is only available on days of a full moon so make sure you sign up for Adagio emails so you are notified of when its available.







3- French Earl Grey -T2 || Yes number 3 on my list is also another Earl Grey with a twist this time around though its a blend from T2. T2’s French Earl Grey is amazing and it is one that I always make sure I have in my tea collection. It’s one of the first Earl Greys with a twist that I ever tried and I couldn’t have started off with a better one really. This of course has a black tea base a very subtle bergamot note and delicious floral and fruity notes. The rose petals add a sweet floral note and the hibiscus and natural flavourings create a fruity note which is very peach both of which pair perfectly with classic notes of an Earl Grey. I like this hot with a tiny bit of honey and that’s it, it’s very very well done and you really don’t need to add anything to it at all. Though if you are looking for a unique latte this does make a great one. I was surprised by this blend as it’s the only blend with hibiscus in it that I have ever been able to stomach hot I was expecting to only enjoy this iced but I was clearly very wrong. Definitely one I suggest trying if you ever get the chance to pop into a T2 store or order anything online.







4- Earls Paradise – Bird & Blend || Yep… surprise, Number 4 on my list is another Earl Grey with a twist and this time around it’s Bird & Blends Earl’s Paradise. A classic Earl Grey with a strawberry and papaya twist and this is THE ONLY Earl Grey that I will drink iced. Because of the fruity notes this makes for an absolutely delicious iced tea and I enjoy not only having it on it’s own iced but I enjoy having it with still lemonade added. Not only do you get the delicious fruity notes from the strawberry and papaya but you get a subtle citrus notes as well from the addition of lime and of course the bergamot oil. The jasmine blossoms in this are the only thing I’m not a huge fan of but I’ll be honest I pick them out when I ice this as jasmine gives me heart burn. The reason I like adding still lemonade is because it pairs well with the black tea, the already present citrus notes and the fruity notes as well and really elevates this blend when I was something a little different. Even though I have to kind of doctor this to make it more my taste its a delicious blend and I tip my hat to Bird & Blend for putting such a unique twist on a classic and absolutely smashing it.








5- Earl Grey – Whittard Of Chelsea || The last Earl Grey on my list is a classic Earl Grey from Whittard of Chelsea. One of the first Earl Grey loose leaf teas that I actually tried. This is delicious and well balanced and great with a slice of lemon. This was a lot higher up on my list for a long time before I tried the other Earl Greys on this list now that doesn’t mean that I don’t love this because I do. I’ve just had so much classic Earl Grey in my life that I enjoy the blends that have a twist a little more now meaning I had to push this down the list a little bit over the years. This is a little lighter than some other classic Earl Grey blends that I’ve tried over the years but it is for that reason that I love it so much. It is the perfect tea to have with along side a cream tea as it pairs perfect with sweet treats especially ones that include some sort of lemon element and you all know I will take any excuse to have a cream tea. If you are new to Earl Grey this if definitely one I would recommend if you are looking for a lighter version of the classic to start off with.





Now you finally all know my Top 5 Earl Greys, I really have been wanting to write this post and my other top 5s for a long time so I’m really glad that I finally got write this post and start this quick little series. I can’t wait to carry it on throughout the rest of the year. If you’re a huge Earl Grey fan like I am let me know what your top 5 Earl Greys are in the comments. I love hearing about all of the teas that other people love and you may even end up introducing me to something new! As always if you have any questions either stick them in the comments or send them to me over on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley