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Let’s Talk Tea | Ten Tea’s – Charity Box | Review

Hey there Teacups! I’m today with another Let’s Talk Tea post and this time around I’m going to be reviewing Ten Tea’s – Charity Box. The chosen Charity for the box I was sent is The Chartwell Cancer Trust. Ten Tea’s is a monthly tea subscription service that offers a wide variety of different teas and tisanes. They offer lots of different kinds of boxes and I was very kindly sent their Charity Box to try out and review for you all. All of their teas & tisanes are ethically sourced from tea producers and supply chains that upholds the values and standards of The Ethical Tea Partnership.

As well as their tea subscription boxes you can also buy their teas on their own which I personally love because I like to be able to repurchase teas I love that I get as part of subscription boxes. The box sadly isn’t available to purchase on the Ten Teas website anymore but there are three other subscription boxes available right now.

As I’m sure you can guess by the name of the company there were ten teas and tisanes included in The Chartwell Cancer Trust Charity Box. There was enough tea in each bag to make I would say 2-3 cups depending on how strong you like your tea. Their was a great mixture of teas and tisanes in this box some of which I had never actually tried before.

That doesn’t happen very often so I’m always realty excited when it does because I love finding new favourites that I can repurchase time and time again. As this review will feature 10 different teas I’m going to be doing short review of them all rather than my usual format as I don’t want you all to be sat here reading for hours you would get very bored very fast. Each Tea/Tisane will get its own Overall Teacup Rating and then at the end of the post I’ll also be giving the box its own Overall Teacup Rating.






Tea & Tisane Tasting Notes


RoundPhoto_Nov232019_140044Sunshine Lemon Rooibos | Those of you who know me well will know I’m a huge fan of teas and tisanes with lemon in it so I’m sure that you won’t be surprised to hear that this blend was actually my favourite out of the whole box. Despite this being a lemon blend it worked perfectly as a latte and I used the whole bag in a very short time for that exact reason. This is definitely one I will go back to the Ten Teas Website to purchase again in the future. The lemon and the milk calmed down the rooibos and made it much more pleasurable to drink. I do enjoy rooibos but honeybush is my favourite as sometimes rooibos can taste a bit like cough syrup, but this time around I really did enjoy this rooibos based blend to no end. OTR: 5/5




RoundPhoto_Nov232019_140018Goji Berry | As I’m sure you’ll all know I do love fruit blends but I can’t have them hot so of course I cold brewed this overnight. Its refreshing and fruity and made for quite a nice cold brew that would be really nice during the hotter months. It’s naturally quite sweet because of the added apple pieces so It doesn’t need any added sweetener and surprisingly the strawberries in this stood out more that I thought they would. I definitely wish that more companies used strawberries in their tisanes and tea blends and for that reason so do think I would go and purchase this on the Ten Teas website. I wish that a few of the other elements in this tisane stood out a bit more if it was a bit more balanced it definitely would have gotten a 5/5 from me but it does need some work in terms of blending. OTR: 4.7/5




RoundPhoto_Nov232019_132655Red Ginseng | I’ve had a few tisanes with Ginseng in, in the past but up until trying this tea I had never had a green tea based blend with ginseng so I was really excited to see this blend in the box I was sent. Because this does have a passion fruit element I did only have this iced because as I said I can’t do fruit notes in hot drinks. I’m honestly really glad that I had this iced because it made for a really refreshing sweet and ever so slightly vegetal cup to drink iced. The green tea was definitely the star of the show providing a vegetal base that was the perfect pedestal for the sweet ginseng and the tart passion fruit. Deffinelty a very naturally sweet blend that needs no added sweetener at all. It’s very well balanced and an absolute pleasure to drink. I didn’t know going into this tasting session expecting to live this blend as much as I do so it was a pleasant surprise. OTR: 5/5



RoundPhoto_Nov232019_133258Nettle Leaves | I don’t really have too much to say about this other than the fact that I really did not enjoy it. This definitely wasn’t my cup of tea it was far too earthy vegetal and savoury for my liking. I tried this hot and iced and both time I couldn’t drink more than a mouthful. There are probably some people out there that would love this but I’m not one of them. I simply couldn’t drink this and for that reason I had to give it a 0 out of 5. OTR: 0/5



RoundPhoto_Nov232019_133324White Earl Grey | Another delicious blend from this box and another first for me. I’ve never had a white tea based Earl Grey and I never would have thought of paring something as strong as bergamot with a more mellow tea like white tea but this works really well and makes for a delicious iced tea. The bergamot is a lot light than I thought it would be but I think it needed to be for this blend anything stronger and it would have overpowered the white tea completely. I chose to have this iced instead of hot because hot white tea tends to give me really bad heart burn but I can imagine that it would be really nice hot as well. I like to throw in a slice or two of lemon when I brew this in my T2 Jug because it really does tie everything together really well. The white tea base is dedinitely very mellow especially when iced but it adds a nice subtle floral note that works perfectly with the bergamot. OTR: 5/5



RoundPhoto_Nov232019_133859Lemon Moringa | Surprise Surprise this is another blend from this box that I iced, I definitely should have tried this hot as well but like the others because this has fruity notes that I can’t stomach hot I thought why waste it and take chances when it could make a delicious iced tea and it did just that. This is very citrusy because of the use of a few lemon elements and tangerine-orange which at first I did find to be quite sharp but after a sip or two I got used to it and it reminded me a lot of still lemonade. The apple elements add a nice sweetness which does off-set the sharpness once you get used it and balances things out. I can imagine this would be amazing during the summer with just a splash of sweet still lemonade. Lemon lovers like me will definitely love this blend. I couldn’t really pick out the Moringa in this and I would to have loved to have just a hint of that but that is the only way in which this falls flat. OTR: 4.9/5



RoundPhoto_Nov232019_133930Greek Mountain Top | I’ve had Greek Mountain Tea before and its either been on it’s own or with mint and I have NEVER enjoyed it. So when I saw this in this box let’s just say I was less than expected and I actually put off trying this and it was the last blend from this box that I actually tried because I was certain that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. I prepared it hot as I’ve had Greek Mountain Tea iced before and it was horrible so I wasn’t making that mistake again. Greek Mountain Tea is normally incredibly savoury and can sometimes be very bitter so I did quite a fast steep with this of around 2 minutes to try and avoid both of those things happening. Luckily it worked and the resulting cup was quite nice to drink, the orange peel, lemongrass, lemon peel and goji berries are the saving grace of this blend giving it a nice sweet citrus underpinning. This still isn’t my favourite tea to drink its not just my cup of tea and I did have to add a teaspoon or two of honey to this to take that savoury note away. but the fact that I enjoyed it even just a little bit is a big thing for me. OTR: 2.5/5



RoundPhoto_Nov232019_140128Pure Green Kakagawa | This pure (unflavoured) green tea was such a pleasure to drink. Sadly I couldn’t sit and do a tasting session with this in my gaiwan, I think if I had have done that I would have been able to get so much more from this tea but I just haven’t been well enough. Even though I had to steep this waster style I still managed to do two steeps with it that were both delicious. The first steep (30s) was sweet grassy and just a little bit  bit buttery, with a very slight underlying bitterness that was honestly hardly noticeable. The aftertaste was grassy but it seemed to be quite a sweet grassiness to me. The second steep (45s) was pretty much the same but with a slightly increased bitterness. The liquid from this steep was an amazingly vibrant green colour. All in all I really enjoyed drinking this tea and I can seen myself purchasing this again OTR: 5/5



RoundPhoto_Nov232019_140156Dragon Well Lung Jing | I only remember have Dragonwell a few times and the few time I have had it, I have really enjoyed it so I was really excited to see that one had been included in this box. This particular Dragonwell is perfectly-balanced it is  delicate and rich tea with hints of chestnut which I have never been able to pick out of the very few Dragonwell teas that I have tried, it’s very subtle but I’m just glad that it was present at all it really made this tea fell more rounded. I really enjoyed the fact that it’s just a little more grassy than some of the other Dragonwell(s) I’ve had, but that increased grassiness didn’t effect the subtle natural sweetness of this tea. Ideally I would have used my gaiwan and done fast shirt steeps with this throughout the day but I’ve just not been well enough to do that. It will definitely be something I will do so much more of with teas like this once I eventually find something to help me. OTR: 5/5



RoundPhoto_Nov232019_140219Lupacho Bark | I’m going to be honest with you all here before this box arrived at my house I had never heard of Lupacho Bark ever in my life and you know how much I love it when companies can introduce me to something new so I mad ensure that this was one of the first blends I tried when doing tasting sessions for this post. The Lapacho Bark from Ten Teas is from the inner bark of the Tecoma-Lapacho tree, also known as “Purple Lapacho Tree” which – compared to the outer bark – is much more homogeneous and above all less dusty and sweeter in taste. It has a very mild aroma but in taste it does have subtle notes of caramel and vanilla which I loved it’s also for the most part quite woody which I’m not complaining about at all. It needs no added sweetener and takes milk very well. OTR: 4.95/5




All in all I think that the Ten Teas Subscription Box service is definitely a great tea subscription box and I have really enjoyed trying everything in this box. It’s a great way to try a wide variety of different teas and tisanes and to find new things that you might just end up loving. A lot of companies only offer 3-4 teas in their subscriptions but I loved having the choice of ten different things to try I would much rather get a smaller amount of each tea and more choice than a larger amount of three – four teas.

I definitely think that I will consider signing up to this service once I finally list my tea buying ban. They just offer so much and I really love that you can purchase more of your favourites in larger quantities on their website. It’s such a well put together box and I hope they go far with this, they have already done so much since they sent me this box.



If you want to find out more about Ten Teas and try some of these delicious teas and tisanes for yourself you can do both here. As always if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley







*The subscription box and all of the teas and tisanes featured in this post were gifted to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and have not been paid for*



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