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Teas I Drink In A Day (6) |In Collaboration With The Tea Library

Hey there Teacups! Can you believe we’re coming to the end of March already and so much as already happened in this year. The rest of the year is so uncertain in terms of what’s going to happen but I promise you all that no matter what happens I’ll still be posting content like normal here on this blog.

Today’s post is another Teas A Drink In A Day Post I’m so glad you’ve all be enjoying these posts so far this year because it makes me so excited to write these posts towards the end of each month. For this post I chose to document what I drank on Friday 27th March. In terms of tea this was just a normal day for me as I wasn’t doing any tastings for my blog and I was just drinking what I felt like drinking throughout the day.



In total my cup count for the day was 3 cups which is just one under being my normal cup count for each day right now it used to be a lot more but being in pain all the time has made it impossible for me to do much more. 3-4 seems to be good enough right now for me and I know now the best way to spread them out throughout the day.



RoundPhoto_Mar192020_094517Friday 27th March 2020 | 9:34am | 1st Cup of Tea – Darling Grey by Suki Tea | No Milk – 1 tsp of Honey | This is a blend I recently received when I was gifted a Suki Tea Subscription to review for my blog. This is by far my favourite from the box and the addition of the lemon peel really does elevate the blend to a whole new level. As someone who normally adds lemon to Earl Grey when I have it on its own this really was a perfect blend for me and the best way to kick off a Friday morning. This is definitely a blend that doesn’t need added milk, in fact I think the lemon would make it split. All I do add to this is 1 tsp of honey just to round everything off and sweeten those lemon notes a little bit so they aren’t too sharp.  If you want to know more you can read my review of it here.




IMG_20200328_190448Friday 27th March 2020 | 12:48am | 2nd Cup Of The Day – Bagged Genmaicha – Green Tea House (Ireland) | No Milk – half a tsp of Honey | This is another tea I was gifted and reviewed a while ago that I have been using so sparingly so that I don’t run out while I’m still on my tea buying ban. This is an absolutely fantastic Genmaicha that is well balanced, vegetal, smooth and the roasted rice notes are so much more of a top note than in other Genmaichas I’ve tried. Another reason that this is one of my favourites is the fact that the rice and the tea leaves are also dusted in matcha adding a subtle but delicious umami note to this blends flavour profile. The bags are also huge which gives the leaves enough room to expand and because they are large leaves they can be steeped time and time again and enjoyed all day long. This time around however I only steeped them once. If you want to read my full review of this you can find it here .




RoundPhoto_Mar262020_091559Friday 27th March 2020 | 4:43pm | 3rd & Final Cup of The Day | Cherry Sencha – By Suki Tea | No Milk or Honey Added | For my final cup of the day I had another tea from the subscription box I was gifted by Suki Tea, and this time it was the Cherry Sencha. This is a green tea based blend with dried cherry pieces and its really quite delicious, however I do wish my sample had contained more cherry pieces in it to make that note a little bit stronger but all in all it’s a really nice blend. The Sencha used for the base is a great one that is vegetal, smooth and bright. I chose this tea as my last tea of the day on Friday because its really relaxing tea to drink and its subtle sweetness means I don’t need to add any honey to it. Normally if I had, had another tea or tisane it would have been a non caffeinated one as I like to use tisanes to wind down before bed. But, on this particular night I was just extra tired and toward the end of the day my head started to hurt so this time around this had to be my final tea of the day. If you want to read my full review of it you can find it here.




I know this time around this Tea I Drink In A Day post was a little short, but at least I didn’t have you all sat reading for hours. I’m hoping that next month I might have some new teas/tisanes to talk to you all about and that maybe I might be able to surpass what has slowly become my new normal cup count *fingers crossed*.  I’m thinking about doing one of these posts on a day when I do tasting sessions for my blog posts but it would mean the post would end up being a little bit longer (more teas/tisanes) and the information I am able to give about each tea would probably be shorter. Because I do my tasting sessions in advance the teas featured would be for upcoming review so I don’t know if that’s something you would all still be interested in seeing. Let me know your opinions on this in the comments so I know how to move forward next month.

If you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram (@teaisawishkim) and I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check out Becca’s Teas/Brews I Drink In A Day post over on her Blog The Tea Library  


Speak to you all soon. Stay Home and Stay Safe – Kimberley


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