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My Top 5 Teas | Chocolate Blends

Hey there Teacups! We’ve finally come to the end of March so it’s time for another Top 5 Teas post and thins time around I’m going to be talking all about my Top 5 Chocolate Teas. Over on Instagram (@teaisawishblog) I asked my followers what Top 5 Teas they wanted to see next and so many of them said they wanted me to talk about my favourite Chocolate Blends. Those of you who know me well will know that I hate quite a love/hate relationship with Chocolate blends because they really are very hit and miss. I think from what my followers said over on Instagram they are the same when it comes to Chocolate blends. So I’m hoping that this list will point you all in the right direction and that you enjoy these blends just as much as I do.




T125AE108_lamington_sha11) Lamington – T2 Tea  | Those of you who know me well will know that chocolate and coconut is one of my all time favourite combinations so I’m sure that non of you are shocked to see this blend be my No.1 Chocolate blend. I’ve loved this blend since the very first time I tried it as A Tea 2 Go in the Meadowhall. The strong black tea base and is the perfect choice for this blend providing a hearty base for the perfect combination of chocolate and coconut. The chocolate notes are quite dark but if you have it with milk and honey like I do you can very easily make them taste much more like milk chocolate. My favourite way to have this is as a latte when I’m craving a sweet treat this is what I reach for and I always will do for as long as T2 continue to stock this tea. If you are yet to try it now is the time because the standard size gift cubes are just £3 on the T2 Website right now which is an absolute steal.




RoundPhoto_Oct272019_1844112) Chocolate Popcorn – Whittard | | Described as a herbal infusion with Green Tea this is a blend I had for the first time in October of 2019 when Whittard very kindly gifted me a box to try out and review and its a blend I very quickly fell in love with after only my first cup. While this tea does have green tea in it I recommend actually steeping this for as long as you can and treating it as a tisane because it has so little green tea in it that it can be treated that way. The longer you steep this the more indulgent it seems to get, its jam packed with delicious chocolate notes and has underpinning of roasted rice which pair together perfectly. The longer steep time made the chocolate notes and the roasted rice much more prevalent and each paired together perfectly but it also allowed the coconut to come through which I didn’t really expect as I expected the chocolate to drown it out. You would think this would be a blend that you would have latte but honestly its perfect on its own with just half a tsp of honey. They describe the chocolate notes as dark chocolate notes but honestly to me they lean much more to the milk chocolate side.




untitledl3) Chocolate Cake – Elvin & Erwin’s | I can honestly say that this blend and tisane blend alone is where my love of honeybush started. A few years ago now Elvin & Erwins very kindly gifted me a few tins of their teas to try I opened this on the day I did the tasting session for this post and by the end of that day I had finished the whole tin. This blend smells and tastes exactly like the chocolate I used to have with custard as part of lunch while I was in school with just a hit of malteasers to it. Because it has honeybush for a base, caramel chunks and chocolate chips it is a rather sweet blend and because I have an insane sweet tooth that was perfect for me. I have only tried this one on it’s own but honestly its perfect that way and doesn’t need anything added to it. If you steeped it for long enough though I can imagine it would make a great latte. Sadly Elvin & Erwins is now closed so this blend is no longer available but it will always have a place in my top 5 chocolate teas/tisanes. If you want to read my original review of this blend you can find it here.




RoundPhoto_Feb212020_1736114) Chocolate Island – Retro Leaf Tea | This is a blend I was recently gifted by Retro Leaf Tea that I reviewed just a few days ago actually and after taking just a few sips I instantly  knew it had a place in my top five. It has a delicious Ceylon base and both dark chocolate chips and Belgian chocolate flavouring. I actually enjoy drinking this blend without milk and just a little bit of honey which surprised me at first because I deffinelty thought I was going to enjoy it more as a latte but when it same to trying it the addition of milk just overpowered the Ceylon base and took all of the teas best notes away from it. As was the case with the previous blend I finished the sample bag of this that I was sent very quickly and then instantly regreted not making it last a bit longer because no I won’t be able to buy anymore until my tea buying ban is over. However maybe a little break from it might make me love it even more by the time I get to have it again. This is deffinelty one a recommend trying just like the rest of these blends if you are yet to find a favourite chocolate blend.  If you want to read my original review of this you can find it here.




RoundPhoto_Nov052019_1325175) Chocolate Luxe – Udyan Tea | Aside from chocolate and coconut, chocolate and cardamom is another one of my favourite combinations so this tea that I was very kindly gifted by Udyan Tea a while ago very quickly became a firm favourite of mine. In fact I loved it so much that I ended up finishing the full size bag of this I was gifted in around two months. I simply could not stop drinking this from the first time I tried it and probably had a minimum of one cup a day (sometimes two) and in no time I had finished the bag. It has a delicious black tea base and as well as cardamom its also jam packed with delicious spices so I suppose you could say this is a chocolate chai. Aside from the malty and woody notes of the black tea base though cardamom and chocolate are deffinelty the stand out notes and they pair perfectly together. This is one I only ever drank as a latte though because the addict of milk just makes it so much more creamy and indulgent amplifying the chocolate aspect tenfold. As soon as I decide to end my tea buying ban if Udyan are still selling this I think I will deffinelty have to order some as I do miss having it in my tea cupboard. If you want to read my original review you can find it here.




So there you go those are my Top 5 Chocolate Teas there aren’t many chocolate teas that I have ever liked as most companies just miss the mark when it comes to chocolate in their blends but these ones were just so well done that I couldn’t help but love them. This are all blends that once my tea buying ban is over I’ll make sure I constantly have in my collection because they are all perfect to reach for in place of a sweet treat in the form of actual chocolate.

I’ve really enjoyed doing these posts at the end of each month so please do let me know which of my top fives you would like to see next and if you have any questions at all either stick them in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll do my best to answer them all as soon as I can.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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