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My Favourite Tea YouTube Channels

Hey there Teacups! I’m back today with something a little different from my normal content but I thought that as we are all in lockdown for the foreseeable future because of the dreaded C word I would share my favourite tea YouTubers with you as I know we will all be watching so many more YouTube videos right now than we have ever done before. I thought that as you follow me I know you all love tea that much that you’ll always be looking for tea content creators to follow. I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while but never really been able to fit it into my schedule, but I’m glad I’ve waited until now to do it honestly because I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to share these people & channels with you all.

For the most part the tea community is one of the friendliest, supportive, kind hearted, creative communities out there and I’m so thankful to be a part of it and to have made what I hope will be some lifelong friends through it.  Just a heads up this list is in no particular order rather than doing a top 10 or something like that I just wanted to share all of my favourites with you. I enjoy watching all of these channels equally and I don’t favour any other so just know that the order in which this post will go in is nothing to do with liking one more than another.20200401_141116_0000



Screenshot_20200327_101150Tea Leaf Project  | The Tea Leaf Project Channel ran by Stephenia is (I think) the very first Tea Channel I ever watched when I was starting my tea journey. Over the many years since starting my (loose leaf) tea journey Stephenia has introduced me to so many different tea companies and helped me to find what are now some of my favourite teas. Since I can’t get DavidsTea here in the UK I definitely live vicariously through her DT videos and her reviews of so many different teas are always so detailed. If you’re looking for a video review of a tea you are thinking about trying Stephenia has probably reviewed it over on her channel. She reviews both speciality loose leaf teas and supermarket teas as well so no matter how much of a tea lover you are there is something on there for you. I connect so well with her videos because its so great to see some else in the world is just as obsessed with tea and has such a great passion for it. I can’t wait to see what she has coming for the rest of 2020.




Screenshot_20200327_104217Tea With Jann | I actually founds Jann’s YouTube channel through the comments on The Tea Leaf Project channel and I’m so glad that I did. No only is her YouTube channel fantastic but she has become such a great friend over the last few months. The thing about Jann is she has one of this most joyous personalities ever and she is such a joy to watch. She’s going through some health issues at the moment but she still posts content over on her Instagram page to get the tea community talking and disusing different things. Again just like the videos on the Tea Leaf Project I live vicariously through Jann’s DavidsTea videos and I love that she is so thorough with her tastings always trying each tea/tisane so many different ways to make sure she can give well rounded reviews. Her collection of vintage teaware and all of her Ainsley’s make me very jealous and make me so excited to have the space to have such a beautiful collection. Jann might not be posting too much on her YouTube right now but I’m sure she will be when she’s feeling better and when she does start posting again I challenge you all to watch her videos without having the biggest smile on your face the whole time.




Screenshot_20200327_104155Teadious Obsessions | I found KJ’s channel through Jann’s Channel (can you see a theme forming?) and she’s another tea Youtuber that is a joy to watch. She has such a fun personality and it shines through in every single one of her videos. She’s done lots of reviews, hauls, tea & teaware collection videos and more, including a series she started recently called Love You A Latte which revolves around thanking all of the people who have helped her find her love for tea and continue on her tea journey over the years (the videos are all very cute). Sadly I’ve not seen her post on her YouTube in about a month but I’m sure she’ll be back when she is ready and I know the videos will but just as great as usual. On the plus side if you are yet to find her channel you’ll have her whole back log of videos to watch through while you’re lockdown at home.




Screenshot_20200327_101050Jackie Allen |  Jackie’s channel is another one that I found through (I think either Jann or The Tea Leaf Project) probably around the start of 2020 ( from what I can remember but it may have been late 2019) and I’ve really loved watching her chilled out videos. Her reviews are always great and so detailed and she review both pure unflavoured teas and tea blends. Like me Jackie loves Adagio blends and so I always enjoy watching the Adagio reviews that she does because I can actually get some of the blends here and I always like hearing other tea lover’s opinions on them. I can’t wait to see what she has planned for the rest of 2020 I’m sure the videos will all be amazing. Also I highly recommend following her (and everyone else in this post) over on Instagram because her shots are always so beautiful and very well taken.




Screenshot_20200327_101124Steeping Time |  Another Channel I have recently found through Instagram, Steeping Time is run by the fantastic Lauren. Lauren is a Voiceover Artist and her tea videos are honestly so relaxing to listen to! She does lots of tea reviews on her channel and is always really in depth with the details that she gives about each tea and with her tasting notes. I’m new to her channel and I’ve only been subscribed around month or two but honestly her videos are some of my very favourites to watch especially towards the end of the day. Lauren seems to be posting quite regularly at the moment so you know there’s going to be lots of consistent videos to see you through your lockdown. From her videos I’ve learnt that Lauren is much more of a straight unflavoured tea kind of person and I’m really looking forward to seeing her journey into trying different flavoured teas and blends like she has been reviewing recently because it’s always great to see what a person who is used to pure classic teas thinks of flavoured blends. Everyone’s opinions are so different because we all have different tastes and that’s why I love watching so many tea channel videos.




Screenshot_20200327_101622As The Tea Brews  | As The Tea Brews is another channel I found through The Leaf Tea Project when they did a tea swap with Stephenia and I’ve been subscribed ever since. This channel and its videos are done by Stacey and her two daughters Abby and Ellie and they are so fun to watch. They do hauls, reviews, tea experiments (different ways of preparing teas), and much more. Stacey is actually the person who inspired me to do a Tea Inventory spreadsheet and keep track of my teas a while ago and its helped me so much and I’m beyond thankful for that. They have a huge backlog of videos for you go watch through and even though they haven’t been posting as much as they used to anymore, they are still uploading and I love seeing their videos pop up in my YouTube feed and make sure I watch them straight away. Just like all of the other people I have mentioned in this post they are so detailed in their reviews and I love hearing what they think of different teas




Screenshot_20200327_104238Tea Review In Two  | Tea Review In Two is another channel I found via Instagram and I’m so glad that I did. Avrin makes great videos and does reviews (tea and teaware), hauls, tutorials and unboxings and he uploads all the time and he’s very consistent with his posts. Like everyone else on this list he is very detailed with his reviews and his unboxings and hauls are always great fun to watch. He’s a Davids Tea fan like a few others on this list so I definitely live vicariously through his DT videos as well and through all of the channels on this list and their DT reviews, I’m slowly building up of a list of their teas I want to try when I’m back visiting America. Theirs a wide variety of content on his channel and I’m making my way through his backlog of videos at the moment which is a great way to spend time through this horrible lockdown. I’m really excited to see what content he has planned going forward in 2020.




Screenshot_20200327_101030Samantha Robinson Online | Samantha’s channel is actually one I found out about through the Bird & Blend Instagram when they shared an IGTV video of hers on their Instagram and after watching that I instantly subscribed to her YouTube and followed her on Instagram and YouTube. She’s doesn’t have a huge backlog of videos to go through but she’s been posting new videos pretty consistently recently on YouTube and IGTV and they are such a great watch. I’m so glad Bird & Blend shared that video when they did and by chance introduced me to her. She recently started a #quaranTEAen challenge over on Instagram that’s running for 21 days and I’ve loved taking part in it and seeing everyone else take part in it each day. After watching her YouTube and IGTV videos are excited to see what kind of content she will be going forward with over the next few months and I hope she does more challenges like the one she’s doing now.




Screenshot_20200327_101237Teas By Dani | Another new-ish channel I found recently through the comments section on Tea Leaf Project’s video. She’s done quite a few videos and reviews of teas from different companies that I’ve really enjoyed watching and again just like all the other channels on this list she has introduced me to quite a few new brands in such a short space of time. She’s such a nice person and I always enjoy our interactions and chats about different teas and tisanes. Dani is another content creators that uploads pretty regularly and she’ll very likely have lots of great content on the way.




Screenshot_20200327_101111Dana DeStefano | Dana’s channel is one I’ve been watching for a long time now! Along with Tea Leaf Project Dana’s channel is one of the first ones that I ever watched and she’s been one of my favourites for as long as I can remember. A lot of the brands that I know and love right now I know because Dana featured them on her channel and reviewed many of their blends. She posts review, recipes, tea experiments, and so many more things. She just started doing a tea basics series on her channel and has released a e-book on tea basics recently as well which is great for any of you that are just getting into tea. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and her tea wall makes me incredibly jealous. I’m sure she has many amazing videos and posts planned for 2020 and you won’t want to miss any of them.




Screenshot_20200327_101138Tea Leaves & Tweed |  Jenn’s Channel is very new to me so, so far because of a lot of pain days I’ve not had chance to watch too many of her videos but the ones I have watched I have really enjoyed and I’m hoping I’ll get some low pain days soon and I can watch all of her other videos. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and I can see myself learning a lot through her videos throughout the rest of this year. She posted an amazing brioche bread making video yesterday and she’s inspired me to give making that a go as soon as I’m well enough.




Screenshot_20200327_103243Tea Musings |  Megan’s Channel is another new one for me and like the channel I previously mentioned I’ve only really had the chance to watch a few of her videos so far but her reviews are very in depth and if you’re looking for reviews of lots of pure unflavoured teas her channel is definitely the one for you. Just like Jenn, Megan is very knowledgeable and she’s already managed to teach me some new things in the few videos of her that I’ve watched so I’m excited to carry on learn about tea and hopefully I’ll be able to use that knowledge to better my content too.





I apologise now for such a long post but I really wanted to introduce you all to all of these fantastic tea people as soon as I possibly could which is which I didn’t split this into two posts. If you read all the way to the end of this post thank you it means the world I know some people won’t read it all as it might be too long but I completely understand that. I really do hope that you enjoy watching all of the videos on all of these amazing tea YouTube channels. If you have any channels that you think should be on this list that I’ve missed let me know in the comments.


Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley








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  1. Thank you SO much for the support over the years. The tea community is really a wonderful group of such kind and caring folks!!

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