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Teas I Drink In A Day (7) | In Collaboration With The Tea Library

Hey there Teacups! Can you believe its the end of April already? I feel like this month has gone by so fast, I’m just hoping that next month will be a lot better for all of us because the world is pretty scary right now and I’m ready for things to slowly start going back to normal; I hope you are all staying as safe as you possibly can. As you can probably tell from the title todays post is another Teas I Drink In A Day post in collaboration with The Tea library. For this month’s Teas I Dink In A Day post I decided to track all of the teas I had on April 23rd (2020), as it was a day on which I wasn’t doing any tasting sessions and I was able to just enjoy a wide(ish) variety of teas throughout the day without having to write up blog posts about them.20200428_152448_0000




RoundPhoto_Apr282020_1223229:28am 23rd April 2020 – My first tea of the day was actually an oolong which normally never happens, but when I woke up I just really fancied one specific blend… Leaves of the Worlds Spiced Pudding. This is an oolong based blend with genmaicha (green tea & roasted rice), cinnamon pieces and natural flavouring. This blend was part of their Christmas 2019 collection and is inspired by rice pudding which is one of my all time favourite desserts and has been for a long time. It does a great job at recreating those creamy flavours, its naturally sweet and definitely very well balanced. I knew once I finished this bag I wouldn’t be able to get it until December this year so I’ve tried to make the bag that I did have last as long as I possibly would. However the cup of this I made on the 23rd was my very last cup and I’m really sad to see this one go. I hope LOTW decide to bring this back for Christmas 2020.




RoundPhoto_Apr282020_12233912:14pm 23rd Feb 2020 | Sticking to what seems to have been a theme from this day my second cup was another Christmas tea and this time it was from Adagio Tea.  I use the very last of my sample tin of Cosy Candy Cane that was part of the tinsel teas set I reviewed Christmas just gone to make a latte. Again I had tried to make this little tin last as long as I possibly could but clearly I was just craving charismas teas this day when it comes to this blend I definitely have a bit of a problem because as soon as I start drinking it I can not stop drinking it because its such a tasty blend and it makes great lattes. The mint is just strong enough that you can taste it but not too strong that it triggers a migraine for me and overpowers everything else. Its a really well balanced blend and I do hope they bring it back to the UK site this Christmas because I need some more of it in my life. (The original review of this blend can be found here)



RoundPhoto_Apr282020_12235115:39pm 23rd April 2020 | For my third cup of the day I moved away from the Christmas teas for a while and instead I made myself a cup of The Lawn Tea Co’s – Assam Spice. this is a classic chai blend that I reviewed recently. Sadly on the chai front it falls a little bit flat but it does happen to taste exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and makes a killer latte. I have a jar of this blend that I was sent for when I did this review and honestly I do not see it lasting long at all because I can’t stop making lattes with this. I’ve probably had this every day since I posted the review and I can see myself drinking it each and every single day for the foreseeable future and I would be shocked if you didn’t end up seeing it in my May empties. (The original review of this blend can be found here)





RoundPhoto_Apr282020_12240518:50pm April 2020 | For my last cup of the day I reverted back to the Christmas teas and I had another one from Adagio Teas – Tinsel Teas set. This time around it was their Kris Kringle blend. Despite this being a decaf tea which is something I NEVER reach for, its delicious and I went through the tin so fast and I didn’t even try and make myself make this tin last. Its the perfect soft, sweet black tea to have with milk just before bed and its naturally sweet enough that it needs no sweetener at all! This is another one of their Christmas blends I will be purchasing year after year as long as they bring it back to the UK website. This set was such a fun one to sip my way through and definitely stood out when it came to all the different brands Christmas ranges in 2019. It was classically Christmas and I loved it. (The original review of this blend can be found here)





As you can see April 23rd 2020 was definitely a very Christmas themed day for me, I have no idea why pretty much all I wanted all day was Christmas blends but I really enjoyed it and its got me really excited to see what all the tea companies I love are planning for Christmas 2020 even though I know how far away that is. I hope you enjoyed reading this months Teas I Drink In A Day posts, let me know in the comments what tea I had that you think would be your favourite. See you all for another Teas I Drink In A Day post for the month of May. Be sure to head over to The Tea Library and read her April Teas I Drink In A Day post for this month which I am sure will be up sometime before the end of the month.



Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley



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