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My Top 5 Teas | Flavoured Matchas

Hey there Teacups! The time has come again for me to share another top five teas with you all and this time around I’m going to be sharing my top five flavoured matchas. I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on all the flavoured / blended teas first over the next few months and then after that I’ll focus on the pure non flavoured teas. I’m doing so because I am always asked more about blended and flavoured teas than I am pure / straight teas, which that in mind if you do have a top five you want to see next month let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to my list of ideas for this series.




untitled1) Genmaicha Matcha – T2 | Those of you who have been following me for a while now will know that a long time ago now in a boxing day haul I bought myself some of this amazing matcha on the off chance that I would enjoy it. Well I did more than just enjoy it… I loved it! It is absolutely phenomenal and I’m beyond sad that after I bought this in the sale, T2 stopped making and selling this matcha and I’ve not had it for a long time now and I miss it so much. I’ve never been able to find a matcha that is even close to this taste wise and I still hold out hope that one day T2 might bring this Matcha back. It was so delicious and made for such great iced lattes. If any of you know where I can find any genmaicha matchas to try out let me know in the comments. I’m sorry for including yet another tea you can no longer buy in one of these top fives but this has been my number one matcha for so long now that I couldn’t not include it in the list. Sadly I never got round to reviewing this one for some reason but I really do wish I had done it now.




matcha_raspberry2) Raspberry Matcha – Adagio Tea | If you’ve been following me since at least the start of this year you’ll know that I reviewed this matcha not too long ago and I ended up really enjoying it. I love raspberry in tea and especially when its paired with matcha. This is so far the only raspberry matcha I have tried and it definitely set the bar. The matcha is of a great quality and the even though the raspberry is a flavouring it is not artificial or overpowering. I enjoy this the most as an iced latte, but it also pairs really well with their Chocolate Matcha as a hot latte. If you love raspberry in tea like I do I would recommend giving this particular one a try, plus its available on both the UK and the US website. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this once I’ve sipped down quite a lot of the matcha I already have. (My original review of this blend can be found here)




llllllll3) Ultra Violet Matcha – Brid & Blend | This matcha is in my top 5 for one very specific reason, the fact that it smells and tastes exactly like my mums favourite sweets, Parma Violets. For as long as I can remember she’s loved them and because she’s loved them for so long her love for them has passed on to me because they remind me of her. I’ve had this both hot and iced now and my favourite way to have this matcha is definitely on its own iced. Its very well balanced and the violet element doesn’t overpower the matcha. I’m not sure what they added into this to make it taste exactly like candy but it does and I’m a huge fan of it. I just wish you could get this in a big tin on their website, if you could I definitely would have repurchased this by now. Its one I would like to have in my collection time and time again. (My original review of this matcha can be found here)




COMA-2-600x6004) Cocoa Matcha – Twist Teas | Now this matcha is one that I tried for the first time very recently and from the first time I tried it, I loved it instantly. It’s amazing hot and amazing iced and is just so perfectly balanced. Out of all the Twist Teas matchas I’ve tried so far this is definitely my favourite and this is one I will repurchase time and time again. The chocolate elements are prominent and creamy and have an ever so slight hazelnut note to them and despite all of that the matcha is still able to come through and both elements stand their ground against the addition of milk. My favourite way to have this is as a latte because the addition of milk and a little honey makes this taste like drinking liquid chocolate. Its very good and if you’re looking for a chocolate matcha to try I highly recommend this one. (My original review of this matcha can be found here)




purechimp-lemon-super-tea-flavoured-matcha-green-tea-50g5) Lemon Matcha – Purechimp | This is a matcha that I tried and reviewed for the first time a long time ago and ever since I’ve loved it and in fact this is the only lemon matcha I have ever tried! Again its another that’s very well balanced and can be used in so many ways. Its great iced either on its own or with still lemonade to top it off and it’s also great as a latte both iced and hot because it tastes like lemon cheesecake in a glass. Because the lemon in this comes solely from lemongrass and not an artificial flavouring, its strong but not artificial or overpowering and it allows the matcha to really shine as well. This was done incredibly well and even though I finished the jar I had of this a while ago now I’ve not had chance to repurchase it because I’ve been on tea buying bans and trying to focus on sipping things down. I’ve missed having it in my collection though and I definitely need to purchase some more of this as soon as sip down some more matchas I have.  (My original review of this matcha can be found here)





So there you have it those are my top five flavoured matchas! Are any of my top five flavoured matchas in your top five? Do you have any suggestions as to flavoured matchas I should try next? let me know in the comments. Also if any of you know where I can get a genmaicha matcha like the one T2 used to sell please let me know because I’ve been looking for some, for so long.

As always if you have any questions at all either let me know in the comments or send them to me on Twitter / Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can.


Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley


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