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How Do You Brew? – My New Favourite Ways To Jazz Up My Morning Matcha Latte | Recipe

Hey there Teacups.. Happy Matcha Monday! For this week’s matcha post instead of another matcha review I thought I would share with you all my new favourite way to jazz up my morning matcha latte in the form of a recipe. I love my normal matcha lattes but I’ve been trying to have one every morning and sometimes I can get a little bored. Not that I don’t love the taste of matcha alone but because I know if u were continue to have the same thing every morning I would get very bored very fast and I would end up not wanting to start my day with matcha.

My new favourite way to jazz up my morning iced matcha lattes is to infuse different teas and tisane in milk and then use that milk to make my matcha latte. I was worried the first time I did it that it wouldn’t work and it would be too strong and overpower the matcha but this has worked every time for me and the additional flavours have paired well with the matcha I’ve been using (T2’s Matcha) and not overpowered it at all. It’s such an easy and simple way to mix things up a little bit.

There really is only a few simple steps to this recipe and the best thing about it is that you can customise it and use your favourite teas and tisanes in place of mine to create fun treats you’ll love to start your day off right! Over the past few days I’ve used teas such as Hojicha Co’s – Dark Roast Hojicha, The Lichfield Tea Co’s – Chocolate Orange Rooibos and Tealish’s – Sweetie Pie Rooibos. Each has resulted in such a delicious well balanced lattes. Another great thing about this ”recipe” is that you can in essence create flavoured matchas that are completely unique to you and include flavours you deficient wouldn’t find in any tea shops out there right now.

How To

Step 1) The night before you want to have your matcha latte take the tea or tisane you have chosen to infuse in the milk add 3-4 tea scoops of it into a decently sized mug. The add in your chosen milk (I use soya milk) and fill the rest of the mug with it. Make sure you stir it to combine it all. Then place the mug into the fridge and let it steep overnight until you are ready to make your latte.

Step 2) Take your mug of milk out of the fridge and stir it making sure that there is not a consecration of flavour at the bottom of the mug. Once you have done that Use a basket infuser to transfer the milk without the leaves into a jig for easier pouring and no spills.

.Step 3) Make your iced matcha. I won’t waste your time adding in extra steps to explain how to do that as I’m sure you all know exactly how to do it. You can use any matcha you want, I personally use a matcha with no added flavours but if you are going to use a flavoured one make sure the flavour matches the flavour profile of the tea you steeped in your milk. I made mine in a 14oz tumbler and used 3 and half matcha spoons (I would use no more than 4). I find the stronger the better to make sure the milk doesn’t overpower it.

Step 4) Once you have prepared your matcha (using around 4oz of water) pour it over iced and stir so the matcha is thoroughly chilled. It should fill just over half of your tumbler is you are using a 14oz one. After that pour in your milk and fill the rest of your tumbler. Make sure you either stir it so the milk and the matcha are combined.

Step 5) Sit back relax and enjoy your jazzed up matcha latte to your hearts content. I’ve already mention the tisanes and teas I’ve tried this recipe with and while they have all worked perfectly for me my favourite by far was the one I did with the dark roast Hojicha, it just worked so well and was so smooth.

I find that these jazzed up matcha lattes work best iced but I’m sure you would probably use this same method to make hot matcha lattes as well during the colder months. Remember if you are going to use a tisane to make sure it doesn’t contain any ingredients that make make the milk split like hibiscus or any overly acidic fruits. Other than that you really can use any teas or tisanes you want to for this recipe and I would love to hear what you think would work best in the comments. If I have any of the things you suggest in my collection I’ll give them a go and let you know if it works.

As always if you have any questions at all either stick the in the comments or send them to me on Twitter/Instagram @teaisawishblog and I’ll answer them all as soon as I can. If you do give this recipe a go please tag in in your posts so I can see them I would love to hear how this works for you.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

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