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Changes Coming To My Blog For 2021

Hey there Teacups! For my finally post for 2020 I wanted to talk about a few changes I’m going to be making to my blog throughout next year, mostly based around my posting schedule and my content in general. Since March and lockdown starting I’ve been trying to post as much as possible to try and occupy my mind and to try and give all of my teacups extra content to read while we were all stuck at home with hardly anything to do, but going into 2021 I simply can’t keep that up. As much as I have enjoyed being able to channel my love for tea and talk to you all more, it’s really has been too much of a strain on both my mental and physical health and I need to change that for the new year and be much easier on myself. So I’ll be implementing a new schedule and no matter what this is what I’ll be sticking to for the long haul from here on out.

So here’s my content schedule plan for 2021:

Mondays – Matcha Monday | Matcha Mondays will be a mix of content and will include reviews, as will as informational posts and should my health allow it recipes.

Tuesdays – Tea Together Tuesday

Fridays – Let’s Talk Tea

Saturdays – Stateside Steeps / New Tea Series (Yet To Be Titled) | Saturdays will mostly be Stateside Steeps review days for as long as I have teas to review that are only available to buy in America and Canada. Should there be a time where there are non in my box, Saturdays will then switch to a new series which I will talk to you all more about a later date as I’m yet to decide on its final title.

Then on Wednesday & Thursday I’m going to be posting specifically on Instagram. I wanted to take at least those two days to make sure I was creating some sort of specific content over there as I’ve really enjoyed using it more throughout 2020 and being more creative with the images I post over there. Plus, not doing full in depth posts on these days will enable me rest a little more and take care of myself.

I’ve decided to take Sunday completely off again just in case my pain levels are high, which I am expecting they will be after the way they have been throughout 2020. They tend to get worse towards the end of the week so to me Sunday seemed like the perfect day to take off.

So there you have it! I’m really hoping that this schedule change going into 2021 will not only allow me to be much more creative in terms of content, because as much as I enjoy doing reviews I feel like I’ve done too many of them now and I want to change things up a little bit. As you can tell from my plans I won’t be stopping them completely but just reducing the amount of them that I do. I’m looking forward to starting a new series on Saturday’s in a month or two and all in all just focusing more on what I’ve been waiting to do for a while.

Here’s hoping that everything works out and I finally find some sort of medication that will finally help with my chronic migraine in 2021 and I’ll finally get somewhere with my doctors and maybe in 2022 I’ll be to full work on everything I want to work on and I won’t have to take as many breaks. Who knows what the future holds… Let’s just hope that it’s all a lot better than 2020.

Let me know what your plans for 2021, whether it be based around content creation or other wise in the comments! I’m interested to see what you all have in mind. I hope that we all get to do a lot of the things we were planning to do this year that we’ve had to reschedule. Keep your fingers crossed and I’ll do the same.

To make sure you see my Instagram specific content follow me over there @teaisawishblog.

Speak to you all again soon. Happy Steeping – Kimberley

3 thoughts on “Changes Coming To My Blog For 2021”

  1. It’s a delicate balance, creation and rest for health. Currently having issues with that as well and trying not to allow guilt to ruin the restful nature of doing nothing. My plans: just trying to connect I think, with my online communities more, instead of being a silent lurker.

    Recipes sound intriguing! But I love how you always find unique tea blends and open my eyes to tasty cups!

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