Question: How many pieces of fried chicken do I need for 12 people?

How many pieces of chicken do I need for 12 people?

Meat Math Chart

Meat Per Person 12 People
Steak – boneless tenderloin, rib-eye, sirloin 1/4 lb. 3 lb.
Steak – T-bone 6 oz. 4-1/2 lb.
Chicken – boneless 4 oz. 3 lb.
Chicken – bone-in 1 to 2 pieces 1/2 lb. 6 lb.

How much fried chicken should I order per person?

As a start, here is a basic guide to catering serving sizes per person: Proteins like pulled pork or brisket: 4-5 ounces per person. Fried chicken or similar dishes: 3 pieces per person.

How many pieces of chicken do I need for 10 people?

If they are just the appetizers, you can probably serve 1 thigh or 1 breast per individual.

No. of people No. of thighs No. of breast
5 10-15 5-10
10 20-30 10-20
15 30-45 15-30
50 100-150 50-100

How many people will 100 pieces of fried chicken feed?


Number of People Number of Chicken Breast Pieces Whole Chicken in Weight
100 People 200 to 300 Pieces 75 to 100 Pounds
150 People 300 to 450 Pieces 115 to 150 Pounds
200 People 400 to 600 Pieces 150 to 200 Pounds
Prepare Time 1 Hour 1 Hour
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How many wings do I need for 10 adults?

These amounts are for cooked wings. You can get a breakdown of how much you’ll need in pounds from the calculator below. How much chicken wings for 10 – You would need approximately 60 whole chicken wings for 10 people.

How many chicken legs is 5 lbs?

Number Of Chicken Legs In A Pound

Number of pounds Amount of chicken legs per weight (including skin and bone)
2lb 5
3lb 7
4lb 9
5lb 11

How many pieces of chicken do I need for 6 adults?

A whole 3 to 4-pound chicken will feed 4 to 6 people, depending on ages and appetite. For Cornish game hens, which are very small chickens, count on one small (1.25 pounds) game hen per person or half of a larger (2-pound) game hen.

How many pieces of fried chicken Do I need to feed 20 people?

If you were buying fried chicken for a group of 20 people, you would want somewhere between 60-80 pieces of chicken. This calculation can be done by simply multiplying the number of people by the average amount of fried chicken eaten by a person, which is between 3 and 4 pieces.

How much food do I need for 125 guests?

To calculate how much money per person you have to spend, take your budget and divide that by your number of guests. For example, a couple feeding 125 guests on a $5,000.00 budget will have $40.00 per person to spend on the food, utensils, and equipment. This number will help you determine the type of menu to prepare.

How much chicken do I need for 9 adults?

Chicken – Quantity to Buy

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Bone-in with skins: One pound of raw chicken will serve approximately two or three people.
Roasting Chicken: A 4 to 7 pound chicken will serve approximately five to seven people.
Capons: A 5 to 9 pound chicken will serve approximately six to nine people.

How do you calculate food portions for a large group?

Based on the suggested total amount of one and a quarter pound of food per person, you would need 62.50 pounds of food for 50 guests. That’s for everything; protein, veggies, side dishes, salad, bread and dessert. The same formula applies to 100 guests. Your buffet would need 125 pounds of food for 100 guests.

How much chicken do I need for 50 adults?

Chart of Food Estimates

Chicken or turkey breast 8–9 pounds 16–18 pounds
Fish (fillets or steaks) 7-1/2 pounds 15 pounds
Hamburgers 6-1/2–9-1/2 pounds 13–15 pounds
Ham or roast beef 10 pounds 20 pounds