Contact & Collaboration

There are a few ways in which you can contact me should you want to just talk tea with or or inquire about possibly collaborating with me and being featured on my blog.

Should you want to talk tea or anything else with me the best places to find me other than my blog on the internet are Instagram and Twitter and my @ for both of them is @teaisawishblog. If you message me or comment on any of my content over there I’ll always do my best to interact as much as possible and make sure I reply at my earliest possible convenience. Instagram is where I tend to be the most active and it also where you will most likely see more exclusive content that I don’t post here on my blog and have a say on the content that does get post here on my blog as well as seeing sneak peeks.

If you would like to collaborate with me or have your tea / teaware or tea themed product featured on my blog then the best way to get in touch with me to inquire about that is to email me at Going into 20201 I will be implementing a bit more of a stricter schedule so it’s bet to get in touch as soon as possible as I will be planning a lot in advance. I will also be moving away from doing as many review as I have done throughout 2020 and being a bit more creative and mindful with my content. I am still happy to feature you product as long as it revolves around tea but please approach collaborating me with an open mind and expect something a little more creative than a run of the mill review.