Quick Answer: How do you cut sausage for grilling?

Do you cut sausage before grilling?

Cut the sausage lengthwise, about 80 percent of the way through. Then, fold it out and lay it flat. This is a great way to get the insides cooked quickly: you can lay it skin-side up and the skin won’t dry out.

How should sausages be cut?

You can either slice the sausages in half, lengthwise, to get a crisp on the exposed interior (great for sausage sandwiches), leave them intact and crisp the casings, or cut them into coins or chunks. Whatever!

Should I poke holes in my sausage before grilling?

Poking holes in sausages before grilling helps prevent them from bursting. This often happens when grilling the sausages over too high a heat. To prevent the sausages from splitting, you should instead grill it longer on the side of the grill where the heat is lower.

Do you cut sausage before or after cooking?

Remove the Casing After Cooking or Not at All

However, it’s generally recommended that you remove the casings after cooking the sausages, or not at all. Sausage casings are edible, so whether you leave them on or not depends on personal preference.

How do you cut sausage lengthwise?

With a small, sharp knife, slice the hot dog or sausage lengthwise about 2/3 of the way through as if you were going to stuff it, then invert and flatten into two connected halves on a cutting board. Some sausages will be more amiable to this than others.

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How do you cut smoked sausage on the grill?

Simply cut each smoked sausage in half crosswise. Want to leave an impression? Create enticing grill marks on your smoked sausages by quickly rolling or flipping them diagonally across direct heat while cooking. Remember to brown, and not to burn or char the smoked sausage.

How long should you grill Italian sausage?


  1. Preheat the grill to medium heat, about 400-425F.
  2. Place the sausages on the grill, making sure there is space between them. Close the lid and cook for 4-6 minutes.
  3. Turn the sausages over, close the lid, and cook for another 4-6 minutes. …
  4. Serve the sausages on their own, or on a bun, with toppings of choice.

How do you pre cook sausages before BBQ?

Put the uncooked sausages in a saucepan with cold cooking liquid — like water, chicken stock, beer, or wine — until they’re just covered. Slowly poach the sausages over low heat until they reach an internal temperature of 150 degrees. Transfer them to a hot grill, over moderate direct heat.

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